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Notes from the Syllabus: Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets Every Cooking College Student Should Have

Whether you’re just finding your inner Microwave-Dinner Top Chef or working your way towards that Iron Chef – College Campus Star title (I am too, so we can get there together), here’s a quick guide to some of the tools you’ll need.

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Sensei Says: To Become One with the Vegetable, Find Alternatives to Steaming

Carrot Greens Pesto 

Carrots + Pesto

More Carrots with Pesto

My experience with steamed vegetables has been horrifying more often than not. Think masses of watery, unidentified green slop. These scares are mostly attributable to my 5+ years eating in dining halls (ok, EVERY dished served was obviously not like this…but most), but restaurants have also been culprits. Some basic steamed veggies can be good, but even those often take some getting used.

So, to those who have come into these terrible, green monstrosities one too many times in their lives – I hear you and I am here for you. And so is Sensei. Together, we can work through this.

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To My Zojirushi Rice Cooker: Some Haikus For You

My ❤

(Zojirushi 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer)

Dear Zojirushi,
your  3-cup prowess delights;
breakfast, lunch, dinner.

In the morning, I
rise for your steaming, scrumptious
oats. My brain thanks you.

As the sun hovers,
I pine for your cheerfulness.
Kind, comforting rice.

Amidst the city,
lights, sounds, sirens. Evening falls,
you always perform.

Twinkle, twinkle, my
little star. With your song comes
sustenance and warmth.

Dear Zojirushi,
From my heart, I ask – let us
make this something more?

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Lecture 1 – Baking Your Way to Your Friends’ Hearts, the Cupcake Edition

The beginning of a semester is the best – you have enough time on your hands to switch your classes for a week and still not be too far behind. After switching my classes at least five times, I too found myself with a free afternoon – what to do? Answer: cupcakes*.

The best, and worst, part of a successful baking session is the product. A quick illustration gets this message across:

The Best

The Worst

What’s a girl who would rather not layer on those cupcake abs to do? Enter the friends, and the fraternity.

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Brave New World: Food 101

Where it all began, the world may never know. Somewhere, somehow, I found myself intrigued with food – making it, eating it, and savoring it.  Luckily, I had plenty of friends out there to support me.

And so life soon became described by not one, but two f-words: food and finance. Between my studies as a business school student, my routine managed to give way to investigations into the mysteries of latte art and the latest happenings in the ever-burgeoning Philly food scene. Who knew business could ever taste so good?

Finally, my new course load for the semester started coming together: FNCE 101: Monetary Economics, MKTG 101: Principles of Marketing, and, FOOD 101: Beyond Ramen Noodles…A Cursory Introduction to the College Kitchen Experience (also known as the birth of IvyLeagueKitchen).

So where to start? With our first lecture, of course!