Brave New World: Food 101

Where it all began, the world may never know. Somewhere, somehow, I found myself intrigued with food – making it, eating it, and savoring it.  Luckily, I had plenty of friends out there to support me.

And so life soon became described by not one, but two f-words: food and finance. Between my studies as a business school student, my routine managed to give way to investigations into the mysteries of latte art and the latest happenings in the ever-burgeoning Philly food scene. Who knew business could ever taste so good?

Finally, my new course load for the semester started coming together: FNCE 101: Monetary Economics, MKTG 101: Principles of Marketing, and, FOOD 101: Beyond Ramen Noodles…A Cursory Introduction to the College Kitchen Experience (also known as the birth of IvyLeagueKitchen).

So where to start? With our first lecture, of course!


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