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More to come….

Midterms, projects, and summer internship apps have kept me busy these past few weeks and haven’t done nearly as much writing as I would like. Photos and some links below!

NYT asks students – What Do You Eat During the School Day?

Eater on the Most Difficult Restaurants to Get Reservations at in the World

Summaries below, but make sure to go after the jump for individual pics.

 Chocolate Heart Brownies

Red Velvet Cake Truffles


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Valentine’s Day Love: Part 1

Big-Little week has been in full bloom on campus these past few days. At the beginning of the week, freshmen (and some sophs) who are new to sororities are (unknowingly) paired with sophomores who will be their mentors or “Bigs” for the rest of their time in the sorority. Sophomores, informed of the identity of their new freshmen “littles,” shower them with gifts, serenades from freshmen fraternity boys, and other fun and quirky surprises.

Naturally, large quantities of baked goods and treats are a big element of these events. Though I’m not involved in Greek Life, many of my friends are and I welcomed the excuse (ahem opportunity) to make excessively delicious treats.

Decadence and Love

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Rice Krispies Treats Covered in Melted Chocolate

No baking required!


1 container refrigerated cookie dough

1 small box Rice Krispies

1 stick butter

1 small bag marshmallows

1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips


Melt butter and marshmallows over stovetop. Mix in Rice Krispies. Add cookie dough. Mix until cookie dough melts. Pat into pan.

Melt chocolate chips over stovetop, pour on top of treats. Let cool. Bask in deliciousness, lick bowls, and get them out of your room/apartment/house before you’re compelled to eat the whole thing.

American State of Pie

Pie was always a staple during holiday meals for my family, but the end-of-summer berry pie was most special of these special treats. Any kind of pie was welcome, but the crust was always homemade. In many instances, the crust was the most important part of the dish.

NYT published a great piece today on apple pie and articulated a many of these sentiments quite accurately.

Some fav quotes:

“We must have a pie,” David Mamet wrote in “Boston Marriage,” his 1999 play about Victorian women struggling not to talk like Mamet characters. “Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”

Apple pie is a weekend project to slow the baker’s heart rate and restore belief in happiness. The scent of fruit softening, kissed by cinnamon, of buttery crust, of sugar caramelizing — these can combine into a fragrance of redemption for the cook and everyone else. The taste delivers bliss.”

Check out the full article here.

His Holy Highness…

The King Cake!!!

Does it look angelic? Yes? It should. (Actually this pic is just terrible quality, but couldn’t deny him the opp to shine).

Friend from Louisiana introduced me to this LA tradition: cinnamon roll cake w/a little plastic baby baked inside, served around Mardi Gras. Whoever gets the plastic baby in his/her piece has to bake the next one.

Of course, guess who got the little one in her slice? Yup, this one.